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One of the representations of card counting can be found in the movies where people dressed elegantly and earning thousands of euros every night of play, all in a world of action where the casino security staff pursues players for Las Vegas, followed by a music background of intrigue. However, the reality is quite different card counting involves constant practice hours undertaken in order to win money at the casino and not be discovered by security personnel. In this article I will explain the best techniques for card counting and perfect your skill.

I assume that if you read this article is because you know enough respect to card counting and you have read some other article of my website, now is the time to practice what I have taught you. Hand out cards to yourself and try to make your own account, this is ideal as you can go at your own pace and go repeating as often as necessary. You should try to increase your speed to count cards until a rapid pace. You must also keep in mind that when you are in a casino distractions that can hinder you card counting.

A good alternative to know what your mistakes in card counting is to practice with friends who also are interested in the strategy of card counting, try to form a team of blackjack and practice with them. If you have interested friends, you can go to forums blackjack and meet serious people. Sets turns to deal the cards with the group formed, all you've said is ideal to simulate the feel of a real casino because your friends will surely distract you in some sporadic situation.

Thanks to the advances of the Internet, you can use some software to count cards online, this type of software to count cards is ideal to practice and simulate the environment of a casino. Programs to count cards allow you to modify the rules and set different variants of blackjack in order to simulate a real casino stay as much as possible, you can also change the speed of the dealer that the dealer dealt and adjust to different game situations. On the net an innumerable programs abound about counting cards in blackjack and completely free.

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